Hi there! Woola makes sustainable packaging

to reduce the footprint of online shopping.


90% of sheep wool
goes to waste

Yes, you read that right. Majority of sheep wool is thrown away across Europe since its quality is not high enough for yarn production. 

Estonia throws away 153 tons of sheep wool every year, although sheep wool is a natural material with many benefits. It is temperature and humidity resistant, making it perfect for packaging.

Are you animal friendly?

Woola is built upon being considerate to nature.


Sheep wool has to be sheared every year. If you don't do it, you will make our fluffy friends very unhappy. Not shearing sheep causes serious health problems, such as body temperature overheating, infections and physical obstacles. 

What's your environmental footprint?

We only use sheep wool that is currently available and would otherwise go to waste. We do not grow any sheep of our own and never will.

We love efficiency and smart use of resources here at Woola. That's why we are putting together a certified third party study on our environmental footprint. We will publish it here, so stay tuned!

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